Welcome to Prime GNU/Linux

What is Prime GNU/Linux?

Prime GNU/Linux is a complete gnu/linux micro distribution built from the ground up from source.

It is designed with four primary deployments in mind:

  • Thin client network boot OS images
  • Cloud/cluster computing
  • Networked appliance devices
  • Base OS for custom builds

This project began under the auspices of updating Core GNU/Linux. Along the way, administrative and logistical details led us to put Core on hold and continue the project under a new name, and with a more specific mission.

The mission is simple (in no particular order):

  • Build a micro distribution with the previously listed target deployments in mind.
  • Patch and hack sources only as a last resort.
  • Build a community of interested people around the project.



A beta ISO is available

Build scripts are available


Google Hangouts: kodekrash